EBSG provides a broad range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

What scope of services is most valuable to your business? You can decide ... based on the size of your employee group, your benefits staff resources, whether you're fully insured or self-funded, the strengths and weaknesses of your benefits program, and your benefits objectives.

We can partner with you in the areas of:

Plan Management

  • Analyze benefit plan designs and cost sharing
  • Benchmark against industry norms and best practices
  • Evaluate funding methods and strategies
  • Model alternatives to estimate their financial impact
  • Assist in implementing changes

Vendor Selection and Management

  • Manage RFP and competitive bidding processes
  • Evaluate new benefit plan offerings and vendors
  • Negotiate premium rates and administrative fees (for new business and renewals)
  • Help establish and monitor performance agreements
  • Manage service concerns

Financial Management

  • Determine appropriate funding rates and assist with budget projections
  • Review utilization reports and monitor plan performance
  • Analyze claims experience
  • Compare budget to actual plan performance

Administrative Management

  • Respond to questions on contract issues, benefit interpretation
  • Help resolve operational issues
  • Provide open enrollment support
  • Facilitate employee communications

Compliance Management

  • Assist in collecting data to prepare the annual Form 5500
  • Advise on the impact of current and upcoming legislation
  • Support COBRA and HIPAA compliance

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