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Managing the benefits program for a large company with self-funded and/or insured health benefits is a complex job. It's even more complex if you have locations in multiple states and multiple plan designs across different segments of your employee population.

Your human resources staff can easily be fully consumed with day-to-day operations, leaving little time to focus on strategic management of your benefits.

It makes sense to partner with a benefits consultant who will help you step back and think strategically about your financial and human resource objectives... one who can help you analyze and benchmark your current programs, and implement changes that enable you to achieve your objectives.

The Employee Benefit Strategies Group (EBSG) is the ideal partner. We are experienced analysts with the deep technical expertise and vendor relationships you need.

In addition, we deliver the VIP service of a specialized firm. We collaborate with human resources and finance professionals, and serve as a bridge between those two corporate functions.

As health and welfare benefits consultants, EBSG has a proven track record for helping businesses like yours spend less and provide more in employee benefits. With EBSG's support, your human resources staff can play a more strategic role in containing costs and improving your competitive position.

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