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If yours is like many small or mid-sized businesses, you have a lean corporate staff. You may not even have a benefit specialist on your team. That responsibility may fall to your human resources manager, a financial officer ... or maybe even your owner.

As the costs of health and welfare benefits escalate, it is more and more difficult for you to provide such benefits to your employees at a cost your business can afford. In this dynamic environment, you rely on a broker to find the lowest-price carrier ... and each year you face yet another large premium increase.

You don't have to settle for those large premium increases...or benefit cuts any longer.

The Employee Benefit Strategies Group (EBSG) is a health and welfare consulting group providing broker services that yield better solutions. We have a successful track record for helping businesses like yours to spend less on, and gain more from, your employee benefits programs.

As your consulting broker, EBSG can do more than just shop for vendors. We will employ sophisticated analytics — and draw on our benefits expertise — to help you:

  • squeeze out inefficiencies,
  • revise benefit designs to better meet employee needs, and
  • negotiate vendor contracts that work to your benefit.

The result? You are able to invest your resources more strategically and achieve greater stability in your cost structure.

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